Can any business phone number be SMS enabled?

While most business numbers can be SMS enabled, including VOIP & toll-free, there are exceptions with some carriers. Also, any phone number that’s forwarded is unavailable.

What if my phone number can’t be SMS enabled?

We’ll provide a separate number for texting purposes. If called, it will ring your main business line.  

Do texts come to the normal inbox of a phone or tablet?

No. All texts can be accessed through our easy-to-use mobile app on both Apple and Android devices, or via web browser on any desktop computer.

Should I use multiple numbers for different departments?

No. We enable your main business line for consistency to customers across all channels. Customers should only have to remember, or save one number to reach you.  However, our system segments incoming texts by department on your website.  

Can I setup a group of users to access certain departments?

Yes. You can setup users to have access to a single department, or multiple.

Can I setup admins & users?

Yes. Users can have different roles and levels of access.

Can I import my customer list?

Yes. We will assist you in uploading your customer list to streamline texting. It’s helpful to have all of your customer data in the system from the start to save on data entry.  

How am I alerted when a text is received?

If logged in, you’ll be alerted on the desktop. The mobile app also notifies users of incoming messages. We also alert you via text message to your phone if an incoming message hasn’t been seen within a pre-determined amount of time, typically 5 to 10 minutes. Alerts are configurable based on your preference.

Can I setup an auto-reply?

While you can setup an auto-reply, we recommend that a user reply to all incoming texts as quickly as possible. Texts are more personal in nature and any hint of automation reduces the responsiveness of customers.

Can I include a signature in my texts?

Yes. Each user can have their own signature. This is recommended for dealers that have multiple team members texting the same customer.

How will customers know they can text me?

It starts with your website. We highlight that you accept texts to your main business line. From there, all places your phone number is shown should highlight that you welcome texts.

Will texting be featured on my website?

Yes. Our system highlights that you accept texts messages from visitors on your website and makes it easier to begin a text conversation.  Our system also segments incoming texts based on departments.

Can I send out mass texts to my customers for marketing purposes?

No. Customer Connections is designed to build relationships and increase CSI with customers and prospects through 1-to-1 personal communication. Aside from being rude, the FCC scrutinizes unsolicited marketing texts. In 2012, Jiffy Lube paid a $47 million dollar settlement because of a mobile marketing campaign that was in violation of the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

Why should I send a Photo with Purchase?

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Capturing a customer’s happy moment when buying something from you and sending it to them preserves that memory, which increases loyalty, CSI, and referrals. Speaking of referrals, Customer Connections automatically posts the customer’s photo on your business Facebook page, then asks the customer to share their happy moment to their friends and family.  

How do you grow reviews for my business?

Every Photo with Purchase your staff sends is followed up with an invitation to leave you a review, just after they’re reminded of their happy moment with your business. In addition, users may send review invitation without a photo via text using our Review Template.

Are online reviews as valuable as people say?

Yes. 95% of shoppers read online reviews before buying (Spiegel Research Center). 93% of consumers use reviews to determine if a business is good or bad (BrightLocal). Most customers don’t take action with a business until they’ve read their reviews (Testimonial Engine), and online reviews are a significant source for your Local SEO (Google). This means your business must have a systematic,  consistent way to grow your reviews.

Do I need to continue growing reviews once I have a certain number of reviews and a good star rating?

Yes. Reviews older than 90-days carry almost no weight with Google as well as consumers. Therefore, you need an ongoing system to create fresh reviews.

Where do you grow reviews?

Customer Connections grows reviews on Google and/or Facebook by default.  These sites are the most important, but if you’re concerned about another site, just ask one of our team members if we can add it for your business.

Do you auto post picture to Facebook?

Yes, when you use Photo with Purchase within the Customer Connections app it automatically posts to your business Facebook page. This generates great ‘social proof’ content for everyone looking at your Facebook page. It also multiplies your reach to new prospects because customers are automatically asked to share the photo of their purchase with friends and family.

Do you have reporting to show how much each of my team members is using the app?

Yes. There is a Leaderboard on both the mobile app and the desktop that ranks users by their usage of texting, and Photo with Purchase.